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Storage Durbanville

Storage Durbanville

Storage Durbanville

Just twenty minutes to the north of the city of Cape Town the mother city, Durbanville is one of the oldest towns in the Western Cape Province and originally called Pumpkin fold, after a meeting place for local farmers around some fresh water springs just beyond the Durbanville Hills.

At a later stage it was named Durbanville, after Sir Benjamin D’Urban, governor of the Cape Between 1834 and 1838, this part of the world lies in a beautiful valley that is home to one of the most closely guarded secrets in Cape Town – the Durbanville wine route.

Wine farming began in Durbanville as early as the 17th century, when the first farms in the area were allocated and vineyards planted with Cape Madeira, the most popular white grape of the time. A number of these farms now form part of the Durbanville Route and award-winning wines, grown by generations of wine-makers and ranging across the red and white cultivars to individual cellar blends, can be sampled during the week.

Getting a storage unit in Durbanville would guarantee you a neighbourhood that is safe and secure enough for you and your belongings. Even if so happens that you live in Cape Town full time you will find it convenient to travel to and from the mother city. The thing is getting convenient storage facilities that will benefit you without making you go any extra mile for it. Companies like storage Panda will help you to secure a storage unit depending on the size of unit you are looking at.

We have the perfect storage unit for you and it doesn’t really matter how big or small the unit you are looking for is. We cater for everyone.

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