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Storage Cape Town – Price

When looking for Storage in Cape Town one must consider if cheap is always cheaper. There are many factors you may want to consider before putting all your possessions in self  Storage Cape Town. How often do you plan on visiting your Storage in Cape Town unit. This will depend on wether you need to go and collect items from your unit regularly. The price of choosing a  cheaper Storage Cape Town unit far away may quickly become expensive when driving to and from that storage facility in cape town regularly.

Storage Cape Town- Size

When looking for Storage in Cape Town the first thing to consider is size. The best way to gauge what size unit you need is to first consider what you are going to be storing in your Storage Cape Town unit. If you have the time go and pack your items in your garage. A double garage is 36 meters squared and a standard single garage is 18 meters squared. If you only use half garage you only need 9 square meters.

Storage Cape Town – Security

Living in South Africa in the Western Cape we are all well aware of the need for a Storage Cape Town facility to have top security. When choosing a Storage Cape Town facility one must consider what items one plans to store in the storage unit. If you are storing valuable items we recommend that you do your own walk around of the Cape Town storage facility. Make sure all the advertised security features are working. It is also strongly advised that when moving into you Storage Cape Town unit you buy a strong look from a reputable lock manufacturer. get more tips at self storage johannesburg

Storage Cape Town- Weather

Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa is prone to boiling weather in the summer. If you plan on storing goods in Storage Cape Town that are easily damaged by heat i.e. wine you may want to consider Storage Cape Town facilities that offer climate control. Climate control makes sure that your Storage in Cape Town unit does not exceed a certain temperature.get more tips at Self Storage Durban


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