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Car storage in Cape Town

Car storage in Cape Town
Car storage in Cape Town

Car storage in Cape Town

Car storage in Cape Town

We offer a variety of services in addition to our basic car storage. We assure that your car is in perfect condition whilst in our facilities. Car storage in Cape Town Utilises the Latest Technology to Protect Your Car. Keeping your car safe is very important to us. Our security features include:

  • 24hr CCTV footage
  • Motion Detectors
  • Monthly washing
  • Discreet building Signage
  • Ventilation System

We offer air tight storage to prevent rusting and deterioration. We offer the most reliable services to our customers and make sure they are happy and at ease. Whether you’re looking for long term car storage or just a short period, we have the ideal rental for you. Feel free to inspect the storage space before renting out.

We know just how many storage facilities say they will offer the best in storage but never really do deliver. Storage Panda has a number of storage facilities in a lot of areas in South Africa, we offer a variation in sizes depending on the size and number of cars that you would like to store.

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